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We offer remote Blue Iris support to help assist with common issues. Support is conducted remotely using remote connection software so you can see everything we are doing. The cost is $50 / hour and can be booked below. Our Blue Iris Support Forum is always free and we encourage you to browse the forum before opting for this service.

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Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Initial Setup
  • Configuring BI for best CPU usage
  • Setting up desired storage settings (clips and archiving)
  • Schedules and Profiles
  • Setting up zones and hotspots for better motion detection
  • Zone Crossing
  • Email Picture/Text messages on motion
  • Alerts
  • Cutting down on false alarms
  • Web Server settings for remote access – port forwarding, VPN or Stunnel
  • Blue Iris apps (android and iOS)
  • Flagging and protecting clips – Keeps important clips from being automatically deleted
  • UI3 Support (web browser interface)
  • Geofencing

5 reviews for Blue Iris Support

  1. J

    JesseF (verified owner)

    Timely and efficient service. I have gotten familiar with the system to a point but nothing like the tech that helped me. Lots of fine tuning can be done to your system even if you set it up yourself. This is money well spent.

  2. T

    Tom Lovell (verified owner)

    MIke was great. I lost all my settings upgrading to V5 and he got me back up and running in no time with settings that I would have spent months figuring out. I will definitely be spending some more support time with him as I expand on what Blue Iris can do. It is a great program but very in depth for a rookie like me. The support option is a great tool for folks like me. Thanks Mike.

  3. O

    oliveone (verified owner)

    I have limited IT experience and could not get the cameras to initialize. I paid for the support with Mike. He worked through all the issues and got everything working at a very reasonable price. You could not have someone remote in and fix your computer for twice what they are charging. I am currently planning on an install at a municipality and we will be using blue iris and their support. Money well spent. Thanks again.

  4. S

    skipdup (verified owner)

    I just finished an hour with Mike. I am absolutely blown away. This was the best money I’ve spent in a very, very long time. No telling how many days of struggle I just avoided. Not to mention what I learned – stuff I would have never found on my own. And, weird as out might sound, it was fun. No way to throughly describe how good this was… Thank you!!!

    • Mike

      Thanks, Skip! Glad to help and yes, it was fun! 🙂

  5. J

    Jimmyballpeen (verified owner)

    This was my first time hooking up and setting up cameras . I was struggling to get my 16 cameras up and running. Using the support made everything better and Showed me where I was making my mistakes. They got the cameras up and running in no time. I would not hesitate to use again .

    • Mike

      Glad we were able to get everything running perfectly for you!

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